Wandering the Dark Web is not illegal, but what is there is, or at least, most of it. However, you cannot just do it anyhow, and you cannot must not do it anyhow. So how do you use Tor to go to the Dark Web with your iPhone and without the jailbreak?

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Dark Web, what is it?

Dark Web, Deep Web and Darknet

We must differentiate 3 terms: Dark Web, Deep Web and Darknet. All the same, they have one thing in common: they are inaccessible with a classic search on the net.

The Deep Web is the part of the internet that you cannot see, which is not indexed, but which is essential for proper functioning. Indeed, you do not see everything on a website, especially on the sites of your bank accounts. It can also be the different databases.

The Darknet groups together subnets that Google, Bing, Ecosia and other traditional search engines cannot find. This does not mean that it is inaccessible, but that it requires specific techniques. via tools.

Part of the Dark Web is accessible from the Darknet, hence the confusion between the 2. In addition, the 2 use Tor, which does not help.

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The Dark Web is also referred to as the Underground Web. While a majority of its content is illegal, not all is. The origin of the Tor project was created to guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

The Dark Web

Aside from illegal content and cybercrime, there is nothing illegal about accessing the Dark Web. It is a place of freedom of expression for all, especially those needing anonymity (political dissident for example). However, this network is not completely anonymous even if it is largely, with the right tools, law enforcement can trace it back to you. That’s why you can use a VPN as a supplement.

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Do you want to report events, give your opinion, but you are afraid of risks? So this is the perfect place.

In the period when we talk a lot about GDPR, cookies, advertising cited or “if it’s free, you are the product” the Dark Web defies all this since there is no surveillance. Especially with Tor which does not record anything.

Be careful, however, where you enter your data, fraud is present.

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Why use a specific application?

Dark Web addresses are in ONION format. You know .com, .fr, .org, etc. These are for the clearnet, classic and public internet, used by all. In addition, addresses are easily remembered since they are words whereas on the Dark Web it is a series of numbers and letters.

Take the example of DuckDuck Go:

Note : all the sites on the clearnet are not on the Dark Web, especially not classic search engines like Google or Bing.

This is why you must use a specific browser to access these .onion addresses.

The apps Tor (based on Firefox) and Onion Browser are 2 browsers without VPN. You can find on the App Store Tor browsers with built-in VPN.

iphone app store onion browser

The practice !

Now let’s see together how to access the Dark Web from your iPhone. The Tor browser is available on all platforms… except iOS. On the other hand, there are Onion Browser, open source and which relies on Tor routing:

  • download Onion Browser from the App Store;
  • open it and press Let’s go ;
  • if needed, touch Configure bridges, select a bridge then To log in if not, press Connect to Tor ;
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iphone start onion browser

  • once connected, press following ;
  • choose your default security level as explained and press Start to navigate ;
  • browse the Dark Web!

iphone configure onion browser

Regarding the functionalities of Onion Browser :

  • in the upper right corner, the icon shows you the circuit of the site (which explains the slowness of navigation);
  • the left icon allows you to change the security level for this page;

iphone onion browser icon

Let’s move on to the menu icons at the bottom of the screen, starting from the left:

  • you have the usual arrows to return to the previous and next;
  • then, the sharing option, just as classic;
  • bookmarks;
  • the different tabs;
  • The settings.

iphone onion browser icon

Ready to use Tor to hit the Dark Web with your iPhone? Stay cautious.

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