Are you an IoT fan? If you are, that is good news for you. The release of the first version of Android Things is a step in the right direction to improve the IoT scenario.

Android Things makes improvements, such as secure software stacks and updates, just a week or two after they become available (does not apply to updates for large versions). Often, updates are definitely something that the Android world needs, and at least the first version has been released.

What is Android Things?

Android Things (formerly Brillo) is designed to work with devices on the Internet of Things, such as smart thermostats. If every device has Android, all the devices you own will be able to communicate with each other and make things a lot easier.

Android Things devices are updated directly from Google; this means that users receive a security update every month. By getting updates directly from Google, you can say goodbye to waiting for who knows how long an update will come from the developer.

Another advantage would be that modular systems such as Qualcomm SDA212, MediaTek MT8516, NXP i.MX8M, Qualcomm SDA 624 hardware platforms would have three years of support.

Android Things devices do not have a custom operating system. Android Things is an operating system that runs in the background, and you can’t even tell it’s there. Therefore, you will not be able to switch to Google Play and install a specific application.

The idea is that Android Things is an operating system optimized for low-power devices and has an efficiently organized system so that it can get the latest security / software updates. Android Things also needs hardware packages that only Google accepts.

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These kits consist of:

  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen
  • Pico i.MX7Dual Development Board
  • Camera module
  • Necessary cables and screws

What are the benefits of Android things

Google’s benefits are more ad placement and data collection, as Android is said to be a universal operating system. Android Things also benefits developers because it works the same way Android, which they’ve always known. This reduces about ninety percent of the developers ’software development work.

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The benefit to users is that all the devices you own are consistent and you also get faster security updates. The current security situation for Android Things is not as it should be.


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