Windows 10 will soon have the right to a noticeable improvement when it comes to Bluetooth headsets. Indeed, Microsoft announced support for the AAC codec for better audio quality and a revised interface for wireless headsets.

Before after. Credit: Microsoft

Windows 10 continues to improve and this time, it is the audio part that is concerned. The Build 21370 which was published for the Insiders indeed brings some small notable improvements, in particular in what relates to wireless Bluetooth headsets.

First, the AAC codec is finally supported by Windows. Used by some wireless headsets on the market, especially at Apple, it provides better sound quality and it now signs its arrival on the Microsoft operating system.

Windows 10 improves the Bluetooth experience

But the biggest change is in the interface. It is easy to connect a wireless headset or True Wireless Bluetooth headphones to your Windows 10 PC. If you do, you may have noticed that two sources are offered in the audio options: one for the headset, one for the kit. hand free. The two cannot work at the same time and you have to switch as needed. The new Build keeps both sources, but changes how it works. From now on, only one will be displayed in the audio settings and it will change automatically according to usage. Small improvements that will make life easier for users. Many of us use True Wireless headsets on our ultraportables on the go.

A minor update, therefore, which is not currently reserved only to members of the Insider program. Note that Microsoft plans to roll out its May update very soon. The latter, of importance, will bring its share of fixes and small improvements, such as an enriched taskbar.

However, the biggest update of the year will be rolled out in October. Microsoft promises to shake up our habits with a whole new interface. Named Sun Valley, it will offer a modernized visual, the first big facelift since the release of the OS in 2015. In addition to that, Microsoft also plans to release Windows 10X, dedicated to low-power machines, before the end of the season. ‘year.

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