Windows 11 helps you focus better with Spotify

This summer, Windows 11 will be increasingly unveiled before its likely release next fall. On social media, a Microsoft product manager released a short video showing the Focus Sessions feature. The latter specifically includes a Spotify music streaming platform.

Windows 11 Spotify

Since its conference last June, Microsoft has continued to disclose information about its Windows 11 operating system before the possible release of the new operating system in October 2021. The new version of the operating system will thus benefit from the new data center. menu, new parameter module… And that’s not all!

This time, Panos Panay (Microsoft Product Manager) revealed a feature called Focus Sessions, which aims to improve your ability to concentrate for work.

Focus Sessions: Spotify integrates with Windows 11

Panos Panay presented in a video posted on Twitter some information about the feature that will be integrated into the Windows 11 alarm and clock application. This feature allows you to create multi-minute sessions to complete tasks from the Microsoft To-Do application. It also adds the ability to listen to songs thanks to the integration of Spotify.

This Focus Sessions looks like this Pomodoro technology consisting of 30 minutes of sessions and 5 minute breaks until the task is completed. There are already a large number of applications and websites that use Pomodoro technology. However, integrating Microsoft Spotify can be a way for the Redmond giant to stand out.

Focus Sessions is not the only feature in Windows 11 designed to improve focus. The new version of the operating system is indeed packed with other features that optimize productivity. Such as the integration of Microsoft Teams into the operating system.

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The Microsoft Store, on the other hand, also offers Android apps that can run on the operating system itself. Users can download the applications they normally use to a mobile phone or tablet and use them on a computer. Finally, the first beta version of Windows 11 can already be installed through Windows Insiders. As for the final version, it will arrive before the fall.



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