Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.65


 windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.65

windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.65

How are you today, Windows Insiders?

We’re glad to have so many of you running the first preview of Windows 11, and we’re currently reviewing all of your input. Today, we’re delivering an update (Build 22000.65) to everyone on the Dev Channel that includes a slew of improvements and fixes that will help you get the most out of Windows 11!

Changes and Improvements in windows 11 22000.65

  • Start now includes a search box to assist you in locating the information you’re looking for.
  • Multiple displays will now display the taskbar, which can be activated via Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.
  • We’ve changed several system alert dialog boxes, like as the one that appears when your laptop’s battery is low or when you alter your display settings, to reflect the new Windows 11 visual design.
  • The ‘Power mode’ settings are now available in Settings on the Power & battery page.
  • Right-clicking the desktop now includes the option to Refresh without the need to choose “Show additional choices.”
  • When right-clicking a.ps1 file in File Explorer, the Run with PowerShell option is now available without the need to choose “Show additional options.”
  • Snap layouts are suited for use with smaller PCs in portrait mode. Instead of four quadrants, you can now snap three apps together.
  • GIF options are now available for Windows Insiders in China via the emoji panel (WIN +.) thanks to a collaboration with China’s most popular GIF provider, If the location is selected to China, GIF data from will appear.
  • The volume icon in the taskbar now contains a troubleshooting option when right-clicked.

windows 11 22000.65 Fixes

  • We patched a remote code execution attack known as “PrintNightmare” in the Windows Print Spooler service, as reported in CVE-2021-34527. For additional information, see KB5004945.
  • We resolved an issue where you couldn’t click the Show Desktop button at the very edge of the Taskbar with your mouse.
  • We resolved an issue with the Taskbar’s date and time not reflecting your desired format.
  • We addressed an issue where the preview window did not always display the entirety of the window when hovering over Task View on the Taskbar.
  • We resolved an issue where pressing ESC or clicking the desktop did not dismiss the window displaying open program preview thumbnails after pressing WIN + T.
  • We resolved an issue where, when a PC was rotated to portrait mode and then back to landscape mode, app icons would not display in the Taskbar despite their being enough space.
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Settings: windows 11 22000.65

  • We resolved an issue that prevented Settings from launching. Please see here if you were impacted by the preceding flight.
  • We removed a perceptible slowdown from the animation when Quick Settings and Notification Center are closed by clicking on their respective taskbar icons.
  • We addressed a bug in which the Quick Settings and Notification Center windows lacked shadows.
  • We resolved an issue where Quick Settings could not be launched by changing the keyboard focus to it in the taskbar and pressing the Enter key.
  • We resolved an issue where Quick Settings would not render correctly if all settings except volume were disabled.
  • We resolved an issue that prevented Focus Assist from being enabled unexpectedly.
  • We fixed an issue with the touch keyboard’s animation when resizing it in Settings.
  • We resolved an issue in which Sign-in Options in Settings included an unexpected option with no text under Facial Recognition.
  • We resolved an issue where the button in Account Settings for disconnecting a work or school account was not working.
  • We resolved an issue in which the Lock screen Settings toggle had no wording.
  • We resolved an issue in which the title of the Advanced Options page under Windows Update in Settings was occasionally missing.
  • We addressed an issue with the “Windows privacy options” at the bottom of Privacy & Security > Search Permissions in Settings.
  • We addressed a situation in which the Open Navigation button could become occluded by other text.
  • We addressed an issue that caused Settings to crash when a theme was applied under Contrasts.
  • We resolved an issue in which portions of Settings were displayed in English unexpectedly in some non-English languages.

File Explorer: windows 11 22000.65

  • We resolved an issue that prevented users from pinning and unpinning programs from Start, the command bar in File Explorer from vanishing, and snap layouts from showing until the PC was rebooted.
  • We addressed an issue that could have rendered portions of File Explorer’s title bar unreadable due to insufficient contrast.
  • We addressed a problem in which some of the icons in File Explorer’s context menu appeared to be fuzzy.
  • We resolved an issue where the “see more” menu in File Explorer’s command bar would not disappear when the Options button was pressed.
  • We resolved an issue that could have prevented you from creating a new folder on the desktop.
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Search: windows 11 22000.65

  • We resolved an issue that resulted in Search occasionally displaying grey boxes instead of app icons.
  • We addressed an issue that could have resulted in Search missing the initial keystroke while tapping the Windows key and beginning to type.
  • We resolved an issue in which the third recent search would not load and remained blank while hovering the mouse over the Search icon on the taskbar.
  • We resolved an issue in which searching for Windows Update opened Settings but did not navigate to the Windows Update settings page.


  • We resolved a problem where the system text scaling was proportionally scaling all widgets, which could result in cropped widgets.
  • We resolved an issue where the screen reader/Narrator was not properly announcing material when used in widgets.
  • We resolved an issue where scaling the Money widget resulted in the bottom half of it becoming blank.


  • We addressed a memory leak that became apparent when one of the C# printing samples was used.
  • We resolved an issue that resulted in a safe mode error stating 0xc0000005 – Unexpected arguments.
  • We addressed two vulnerabilities that might have resulted in explorer.exe crashing indefinitely when the display language was set to Russian or multiple input methods were enabled.
  • We corrected an issue where minimizing a full screen window and later restoring it could result in a win32kfull bug check.
  • We resolved an issue that caused some WSL users to encounter the message “The parameter is invalid” when entering Windows Terminal.
  • We resolved a problem that resulted in fuzzy windows while using ALT + Tab.
  • We resolved an issue that caused the taskbar to flicker when users of the Korean IME pressed ALT + Tab.
  • We addressed an issue that was affecting the reliability of the UI’s display when using WIN + Space to switch input methods.
  • We resolved an issue affecting the reliability of voice typing.
  • We resolved a problem that prevented Snip & Sketch’s “New snip in X seconds” options from working.

Issues that have been identified in windows 11 22000.65

[REMINDER] Certain functions may be deprecated or removed when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or when installing a Windows 11 upgrade. Details are available here.

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  • In some instances, you may be unable to enter text while using Start or the Taskbar’s Search. If you encounter this problem, press WIN + R on the keyboard to open and then close the Run dialog box.


  • When switching input methods, the Taskbar will occasionally flicker.
  • Dragging an app icon to rearrange it in the Taskbar launches or minimizes the app.


  • When the Settings app is launched, a brief green flash may appear.
  • When modifying Accessibility settings via Quick Settings, the settings UI may fail to save the selected state.

Explorer de fichiers:

  • When “Open folders in a separate process” is enabled in File Explorer Options > View, the new command bar may not display.
  • When the battery charge reaches 100 percent, Explorer.exe crashes in a loop for Insiders using the Turkish display language.
  • When right-clicking the desktop or File Explorer, the ensuing context menu and submenus may seem partially obscured by the desktop or File Explorer.


  • The Search panel may not open after clicking the Search button on the Taskbar. Restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the search panel if this occurs.
  • Recent searches may not be displayed when you hover your mouse over the Search icon on the Taskbar. Restart your computer to resolve the issue.
  • The search panel may seem black and without any material beneath the search box.


  • The Widgets board can appear to be empty. You can get around the issue by signing out and then signing back in.
  • Launching links from the widgets board may not bring up foreground applications.
  • When using the Outlook client with a Microsoft account, changes to the Calendar and To Do lists may not sync in real time to the widgets.
  • External displays may display widgets in the incorrect size. If this occurs, you can open the widgets on your primary monitors through touch or the WIN + W shortcut on your primary PC display first, and then on your other monitors.
  • After fast adding several widgets from the widgets settings, certain widgets may be hidden from view on the board.


  • In some limited cases, the install button may not be working yet.
  • Some apps do not include ratings or reviews.

Security in Windows

  • For Insiders with supported hardware, Device Security is suddenly reporting “Standard hardware security is not supported.”
  • When you restart your computer, “Automatic sample submission” is inadvertently disabled.

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