Developer Danny Lin posted several screenshots and videos of his Pixel 6 on Twitter. His achievements? Run Windows 11 successfully on your smartphone. A career that really isn’t one (for those who know what they’re doing), thanks to the virtual machine offered by Android 13.

google pixel 6 review

At first glance, Android 13 doesn’t seem like a big upgrade. The first known features are certainly very practical, but not necessarily a revolutionary operating system. As proof, we want to switch to 6 apps on the taskbar or the ability to change profiles from the lock screen.

However, on closer inspection, some of the features are definitely worth a look. For example, thanks to developer Danny Lin, also known as KDragOn, we know that Windows 11 can run on an operating system. The latter has indeed shared screenshots of its Pixel 6 virtual machine, where we can see the Microsoft operating system.

He manages to run Windows 11 on his Pixel 6

The Feat is not new because the Renegade Project development team had already migrated Windows 11 to OnePlus 6T. However, the performance is impressive, in addition to giving an overview of the features of Android 13 in this area. In fact, although the graphics acceleration is not activated, KdragOn explains that the results obtained are very correct.

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To show what his smartphone can do, the developer even went so far as to launch Doom after plugging in a keyboard. If this experience is above all a running gag in the middle, it shows that Google has not spoiled the functionality. As such, the latter is probably the first really significant update.

It remains to be seen whether the Mountain View business will continue its momentum and whether the old fantasy of acquiring one device for all its purposes will come true. Until then, the next beta versions of Android 13, available in a few months, will tell you a little more.

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