Not yet released, Microsoft said Windows 11 is already a “huge” success. According to Redmond, the operating system already displays more downloads of preview versions than any other version of Windows. For the company, it is a sign of an insured box.

Windows 11 success of Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

As you know, Microsoft conquered the media situation in June 2021 with the highly anticipated Windows 11 presentation, a new version of its flagship operating system. The manufacturer revealed in this regard various new features of the operating system, like the brand new Start menu, Redesigning Settings, right-click changes, not to mention the all-new Microsoft Store.

Following the presentation, Microsoft announced that it was already possible to try Windows 11. Indeed, Redmond has made available the first beta version of Windows 11. Take advantage of the insider program. In particular, this structure made it possible to become familiar with key new features of the operating system, such as widgets, a new placement of taskbar buttons, or a new File Explorer.

Since then, a new beta version of Windows 11 has been introduced. It specifically adds Microsoft Teams and some minor changes to the interface, such as new context menus. As you might expect, Microsoft has big goals for Windows 11. As proof, the manufacturer has already begun promoting Windows 11 on Windows 10.

Windows 11 will blow up the download record, according to Microsoft

However, it’s hard to know if users really expect this new operating system and are ready to hit. However, during the announcement of the group’s latest financial results, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella assured that Windows 11 was planned be a wild success. According to his information Windows 11 currently has the most beta downloads, all versions of Windows combined.

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Windows 11 is the biggest upgrade to our operating system in a decade. We reinvented everything – from the Windows platform to commerce – to help people and organizations be more productive and secure and create a more open ecosystem for developers and creators. We are happy for the first feedback. More people downloaded early versions than any other version of Windows or an update to our Windows Insider program history. ” announced Microsoft’s boss.

As a reminder, the release of the final version of Windows 11 is is scheduled for the end of 2021.

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