Android is virtually everywhere, from our smartphones and cameras to smart TVs, smart watches and even cars. Android Auto is an Android version designed for use in your vehicles. You can use Android Car for various functions, such as GPS navigation, playing your favorite media, supporting applications, and playing contacts. However, did you know that Android Car allows you to connect wirelessly through your phone? Below are instructions for connecting to Android Auto Wireless.

What is Android Auto Wireless?

Android Auto, as already mentioned, allows us to use maps, play media, make contacts, use apps, etc. in our vehicles.

Using it in cars or vehicles usually makes it easier and safer to use our phones while driving. It also allows the user to connect Android Car to supported car monitors. Most modern vehicles have a built-in Android Auto.

Traditionally, your phone needs to be connected to the car screen with a USB cable to use Android Car. But you can also connect it wirelessly. Clearly, wireless is much easier and hassle-free.

Note that using Android Auto Wireless may drain your smartphone battery. So it is better to use wireless Android Car for short trips and wired connection for longer trips.

How Android Auto works wirelessly

Bluetooth bandwidth is not enough for Android Car to do everything it can. In order to connect your car to your phone, using Android Car wirelessly uses a Wi-Fi connection, so you need to have functionality.

Basically, it works with any Android phone with Android 11 or later, any Google or Samsung phone with Android 10, and a few Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie. Your phone must also support the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band.

Android Using your car wirelessly

Using Android Car wirelessly is quite simple and really easy compared to connecting with a USB cable. Once you’ve made sure your car and phone are compatible, follow these steps:

1. Make sure Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location are enabled on your phone. Also remember to download Android Auto application to your phone.

2. Turn on the power. Connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth.

3. Follow the instructions on the phone screen and grant all necessary permissions for Android Auto to work properly.

4. When everything is done, you are ready to use Android Car in your car. Just tap the Android Auto icon on the car screen to start it.

5. Next time, Android Auto will automatically connect to your mobile phone.


Note that with the new update for Android Car, you will no longer need to configure your car app with a USB cable. Now everything can be done via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Just follow this guide and Android Auto will connect to your car wirelessly. Also, check out some of the best Android Auto apps you should use on your phone.

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