xCloud soon on Android TV after iOS, PC and Android?

The Xbox Game Pass may be coming to Android TV soon. The latest version of the Android app includes resources customized for the TV interface. The arrival of the Xbox Game Pass on Android TV may mean support for the xCloud streaming game service.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new version of the Xbox Game Pass app for Android. A Reddit user applied for changes made by Redmond. And he found a new item in the file that contained all the iconographic resources called ” TV banner “. This object is 320 pixels wide and 180 pixels high. And of course, this resource is used to represent the Android TV app.

The Android TV banner was found in the Xbox Game Pass app for Android

The discovery of this new iconographic resource in the application suggests that Microsoft is preparing its own version Android TV / Google TV. This means you will soon be able to enjoy all the services of the app on the big screen and no longer just on your tablet. And when you take it a step further, you can enjoy xCloud on your TV (or digital receiver).

As a reminder, xCloud is a Microsoft streaming game service. Launched in September 2020 in France, it is integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a small box of happiness that offers several hundred games for Xbox and PC, free games and access to multiplayer servers (Xbox Live Gold) and thus a list of streaming games. All 13 euros per month. So if the TV where the Xbox is already taken, turn on the secondary TV and the game will start again.

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xCloud could finally arrive on the living room TV

So far, xCloud has only been offered on screens smaller than TVs. Whether Android (smartphone or tablet). Or with browsers that support the service: Edge, Chrome and Safari (PC version or iOS / iPadOS version). Adding Google TV and Android TV allows xCloud offer a similar experience as the living room console. A bit like on Stadia Chromecast. Keep in mind that Microsoft has also promised to integrate xCloud into Windows 11.

Application Xbox Game Pass Android has several uses. It allows you to watch Game Pass games (including EA Play if you are an Ultimate subscriber) and launch the installation on the console. It also allows start a streaming game on any smartphone or tablet. And if your device supports it, some games can speed up to 120 frames per second in 4K. Don’t confuse the Xbox Game Pass with the Xbox app, which lets you get information, view your library, buy and install the game remotely, grab screenshots from OneDrive, and send messages to friends.



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