During an internal presentation, Xiaomi unveiled Mi Band X, a combined bracelet, to some employees. A special feature of the project: the screen is flexible and rotates around the wrist. A very ambitious project reminiscent of Nubia Alfa and several patents from Samsung, Motorola and Apple.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 colors
The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band could integrate a flexible display (here Mi Band 6)

Do you remember ” Morph From Nokia? This is a concept that was particularly avant-garde. You can find the concept video at the end of this article. When you first see it, it’s a tablet with an almost transparent borderless screen. The screen must be folded so that it becomes a smartphone. And it also folds in the other direction and becomes a very thin product that can be attached around the wrist.

Mi Band X is a project in Xiaom with a flexible display

This could be provided by Xiaomi in the medium term. The company has indeed held an internal meeting from which the image below will be taken. The topic of the meeting is the Mi Band X project. It is a combined bracelet with a flexible and rotating display. ” 360 ° Around the wrist. This greatly increases the surface area of ​​the screen.

Xiaomi mi band x leaking

A strap is not needed to hang the bracelet: it is replaced by a magnetic system that Xiaom said would be more comfortable to wear. Finally, the proposal claims that the product is ” very thin and light The display, battery, components, sensors, hinge and base still need to be integrated. In short, it is also not a feather.

The idea of ​​integrating a curved, even flexible display into a connected product that is attached around the wrist is not new. Over the years, we have seen several patents and projects related to accessories related to curved or even flexible bracelets. Since 2013, Motorola applied for a patent for a watch with a flexible display. In 2017, it’s Samsung’s turn to leave one. Then last March, we announced that Apple had acquired a patent that could radically change the design of the Apple Watch.

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But it is Nubia that we owe the first “hybrid product” with a flexible display, a half-paired bracelet and a half smartphone. it hurts Nubia Alpha, presented February 2019 In connection with the Mobile World Congress. A product that marked the Barcelona Fair and certainly inspires (at least in part) Xiaom.

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