Xiaomi is partially revamping its scooter offering with Mi Electric Scooter 3. Key feature: 600 watt motor capable of climbing very steep slopes. Its autonomy is 30 kilometers. It weighs 13 pounds. The international price is 449 euros, but it may be different in France.

Xiaomi mi electric scooter 3 official

Xiaomi has unveiled several products for its ecosystem. So these are not smartphones, but products that you can possibly use with them. You will find there WiFi router 6 tri-band, fryer without added fat, a pair of headphones real wireless (for Redmi brand), display playing and a electric scooter. The latter is called Mi electric kickboard 3. And it replaces the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, launched in 2020.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3: a powerful motor to climb all the hills

The main asset of the Mi Electric Scooter 3 is its engine. It is much more powerful than the Pro 2 model. Power varies from 300 watts 600 watts, exactly that. This gives the scooter power add dimensions up to 16 °. Perfect for the Montorgueil district, the Butte du Sacré Coeur or the Père Lachaise district in Paris, where some streets are impossible to use with other models. Note that the engine may be more powerful, but the speed is still limited 25 km / hor maximum permitted speed.

Xiaomi mi electric scooter 3 official

Finally, Mi Electric Scooter 3 offers simple improvements over Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. Weight improvement that begins 14.2 kg – 13 kg. Finally, an improvement in the braking system a rear disc brake on a double plate. Of course, eABS still exists. Improving theoretical autonomy that begins 45 to 50 miles, thanks to the battery, whose capacity has now reached 7650 mAh (or 275 Wh). Note that Xiaomi has also integrated power save mode to avoid losing charge on days when you are not using the scooter.

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Other specifications, a few changes. The platform is in aluminum. The display is LCD. The maximum load is 100 kg. The maximum download time is 8 and a half hours. The power of the front LED is 2 watts. Connection version Bluetooth is 4.1. And Mi Home is still used to connect to it. Its recommended international public price is 449 euros. But Xiaomi says it’s different in France. It remains to be seen how much.

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