Google announced yesterday that its cloud gaming platform will land on June 23 on certain Android TV devices and Chromecast with Google TV. This will allow players to enjoy the game service on more devices.

Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV
Credit: Stadia

After being expected for almost a year and a half, the Stadia app is finally coming to some Android TV devices and the new Chromecast with Google TV, which the company presented a few months ago. For over a year now, only players with a Chromecast Ultra could play Stadia on their TVs.

The arrival of the application on other devices should particularly benefit new players since most current Stadia players already have Chromecast Ultra or are playing from their web browsers. With this change, Google intends to reach a new audience.

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What devices are compatible with the Stadia app?

In addition to the Chromecast Ultra, Google has drawn up the list of new devices compatible with the Stadia application:

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Hisense® Android Smart TVs (U7G, U8G, U9G)
  • Nvidia® Shield TV
  • Nvidia® Shield TV Pro
  • OnnTM FHD Streaming Stick and UHD Streaming Device
  • Philips® 8215, 8505, and OLED 935/805 Series Android TVs
  • Xiaomi® MIBOX3 and MIBOX4

While not all Android TV devices are on the list, Google notes that the application will still be available on all devices, but in an experimental way. Just like with smartphones that are not officially compatible with the service, players may encounter some bugs if they are using a device that is not included in the list.

If you have a device that runs Android TV, you can then try Stadia from June 23. As a reminder, the cloud gaming platform offers a free package that allows you to play the games you buy from its catalog, but also offers some free-to-play games. These include Destiny 2, Crayta, and Super Bomberman R Online.

It has never been easier to play for free with your friends, all you need is an Android TV device. To install Stadia, go to the Play Store, download the app and it will appear in the list of apps available on your TV. Note that the application is compatible with the Stadia controller, but also with other Bluetooth controllers supported by the platform.

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